About May-Ling Gonzales

What’s on this blog

I love all things about organization, productivity and efficiency – basically working smarter and leaner at work and at home. As an avid reader in these spaces online, I plan to showcase great articles and resources in this arena. My world is in alumni relations, so some resources may lean in this direction, but I think most of the content will have broad appeal to anyone trying to work better or think about work in the context of life.

Why me?

I’ve been at Stanford for more than seven years now and I’m a professional development junkie. At the Alumni Association, there are constant references towards me as someone that seeks out opportunities and this is my attempt to put all of that in one place in the event that it might help others.

At SAA, my role as the senior manager of alumni education is to engage and steward faculty with our alumni programs. Currently, half of my time is focused on content around a four year program, Stanford+Connects. In addition to this work, I also organize alumni and campus events that have intellectual programming such as Classes Without Quizzes, Class Day Lecture and STARS Assembly.

I’m always considering technical solutions for organization and work, regularly using Basecamp for project management and a power user of Google Docs. In my work at Stanford, I’m savvy in the PostGrads database (particularly with event setup and registration), use Filemaker Pro for a faculty database), work in Excel for complex pricing scenarios, create forms in Adobe Acrobat Professional and constantly come up with smarter ways to work.

In thinking about whether or not to blog about my ideas, I thought why not? Maybe this space will prompt people to think more critically about how they work and organize. If that happens, I’ve done what I set out to do. My focus on working smart is all about carving out the time to do interesting, forward-thinking work instead of getting bogged down in the minutiae of the workday.