Sad Desk Lunch: does this describe you?

I’m mildly obsessed with The Atlantic’s new video series, If Our Bodies Could Talk. They describe it as an off-beat perspective on health topics, and that’s pretty accurate.

See for yourself and watch this less than 3 minute video:

If Our Bodies Could Talk: Sad Desk Lunch

I’m really against the idea of not taking breaks and have seen a trend since I’ve been a working professional where people try to shift hours so they are taking no lunch or a 30 minute lunch and they can leave earlier.

I think it’s a big mistake. First of all, it’s totally unreasonable. Humans aren’t robots. We can’t come in, clock time, put our heads down without working and leave. It’s important to build in time to socialize with others, read, exercise, walk on a stressful day or do something else to stay focused and centered. I’d argue that taking that time actually makes you more productive and appreciate for your work.  If you work on a college campus, you’re especially lucky (and have no excuse!) not to get out and take a stroll around campus every so often.

I sometimes do eat a sad desk lunch or have a day where I can’t escape from my cube…but I make sure that two long lunches are scheduled during that same week. Or those of you at Stanford know that I’ll walk over to Coupa Cafe for a popsicle break in the afternoon. Are you only interacting with co-workers on your same team, or are you taking the time and space to connect with colleagues you loosely work with? All of those relationships can be immensely gratifying – especially if you avoid the subject of work at lunch. If not, seize the day and start taking time for yourself. You’re worth it, and I know it will pay off in the long run.

(My excuse for the delay in posting is really that I am focused on getting to 45 and I think I’m pretty close to it. Congrats to me in 2014!)

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