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Lunch shouldn’t equal and extra hour of work, but let’s face it, you’re eating in front of your keyboard more than you really should. Especially when we all have more work on our plates than we’d like, we shift towards trying to work constantly.

I’m guilty of it myself, but I do a couple of ways to keep my spirits up. Every week, I do yoga on campus on Tuesday and I try to take 1-2 long lunches with colleagues. This way, if I find I can’t get away each and every day, I still make sure I get some me time.

The Manager Tools Podcast has a nice 30 minute talk on how to approach the lunch hour in different ways. I didn’t care for part two that much, but this first piece is pretty good. Aside from plain good mental health, they propose using this time to network and socialize. I know of one professor at Stanford that had a goal of setting up lunches with all of the faculty at the university at some point. I try to strike a nice balance between those in my department, across campus and other friends to stay in touch and rejuvenate myself.

Lunch is supposed to be an hour for a reason – it’s a basic labor standard that we workerbees are constantly denying ourselves for no good reason. We’re more productive when we take this time. It clears your head, provides a natural break in the day to socialize, read or take a walk and get moving, or it simply allows you to rest your eyes away from the computer. I’m a big fan, and who shouldn’t be? Constantly missing lunchtime to do your work only leads to job resentment; it’s your time and you should be taking it.

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  1. Victor Says:

    So when are we doing lunch, then?! 🙂

    Agreed that the coffee breaks & lunches are helpful and instrumental to good mental and physical health. I think what is important, too, is to be in tune with your body’s biorhythm. Some of us need to power through after morning meetings and then take a mid-afternoon hour break and re-charge for a few more hours. Regardless of when the lunch hour is taken, agreed that the breaks are good for us for so many reasons!

    I enjoy the occasional lectures across campus that are a mental break from office work and yet, educational/inspirational/provocative or all of the above.

    Like I said, how about lunch the week after turkey break?

    Go Cardinal! Beat the Irish!


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