The answer isn’t carrots or sticks

I wanted to post a quick blog since I heard the best webinar yesterday. When I say that, I mean it, as I’ve been studying what makes a great webinar over the past year by researching how organizations succeed in this arena. (many slides, dynamic voice, humor, interesting subject, etc)

I’m on a work committee looking into talent management across the organization and as part of that, we’re focused on creating an engaged workforce and shifting the culture of the organization. Rypple puts on webinars every so often and this week, Paul Marciano spoke about his RESPECT principles at engagement in the workforce.

If you have some time, this 55 minute webinar is worth your time. You can even split it up, as the first half focuses on existing conditions in the work environment and motivational programs vs. cultural shifts and the second half dives into actual solutions.

After listening, I’ll definitely pick up his book to see what else he has to say.

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